Duration: January 15, 2018 - February 2, 2018
Location: Chile, Argentina, Cape Horn, Falkland Isl., Uruguay

Includes 15-day cruise aboard EMERALD PRINCESS
January 15 – February 2, 2018

Princess-Cruises_CBN_Horiz_Blue_RGB2018 - South America


DAY 1        Depart CANADA
DAY 2        Santiago, CHILE                           Hotel Overnight
DAY 3        Valparaiso/Santiago CHILE        Embark        6:00 pm
DAY 4        Cruise Pacific Ocean                    ~                 ~
DAY 5        Puerto Montt, CHILE                    7:00 am       6:00 pm
DAY 6        Cruise Pacific Coast                     ~                 ~
DAY 7        Cruise AMALIA GLACIER          7:00 am       8:00 am
DAY 8        Punta Arenas, CHILE                   7:00 am       7:00 pm
DAY 9        Ushuaia, ARGENTINA                Noon           8:00 pm
DAY 10      Cruise By CAPE HORN              8:00 am       9:00 am
DAY 11      Stanley, FALKLAND IS., UK       8:00 am       6:00 pm
DAY 12      Cruise Atlantic Ocean                  ~                 ~
DAY 13      Puerto Madryn, ARGENTINA     7:00 am        5:00 pm
DAY 14      Cruise Atlantic Ocean                  ~                 ~
DAY 15      Montevideo, URUGUAY              7:00 am        6:00 pm
DAY 16      Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA        8:00 am        Overnight
DAY 17      Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA        Hotel Overnight
DAY 18      Depart for CANADA
DAY 19      Arrive back in CANADA

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INSIDE Cat. ID –  $5,995                                INSIDE Cat. IC –  $6,025                               OUTSDE Cat. OW* –  $6,250
BALCONY Cat. BD –  $6,995                       BALCONY Cat. BC –  $7,095                       BALCONY Cat. BB –  $7,195
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INSIDE Cat. ID – $8,395          OUTSIDE Cat. OW* – $9,695        BALCONY Cat. BD – $10,495

Initial deposit of $1,250 per person is required.  Final payment is due by: OCTOBER 26, 2017.

Return airfare from TORONTO for departures from OTTAWA and MONTREAL please add $200 per person (other cities available are upon request).
15 day cruise aboard the Emerald Princess with all your meals and entertainment.
1 Night first class hotel stay in Santiago, CHILE with 2 half-day tours and lunch included.
1 Night first class hotel stay in Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA with half-day city tour with lunch and fantastic evening live Tango show with Argentinian dinner.
All your pre-paid shipboard gratuities on your cruise and tipping for your local guides and drivers on our land tour portion.
All port and departure taxes.
Hosted by Expo Cruises and Tours.


DAY 1 – MONDAY, JANUARY 15, 2018                                    DEPART CANADA
Evening departure from Toronto for Santiago, CHILE.   (In-flight Meals)

DAY 2 – TUESDAY, JANUARY 16, 20918                                   SANTIAGO, CHILE
Welcome to Chile!  Meet and greet with our local representative and transfer for the city tour of Santiago de Chile is a city of contrasts with remains of its Colonial past to the ultramodern, high-rise buildings of the financial center; Chile’s capital city will surprise you.  This tour offers you the possibility to see this eclectic mix for yourself.   The tour begins by heading south through the downtown area, passing the Club Hípico, a beautiful horse racing track in the older residential area of the city.  You then proceed alongside the Parque O’Higgins and the Cousiño Palace, built between 1870 and 1878 for the wealthy Cousiño family.  From here you head along the famous Alameda, Santiago’s colourful main avenue, to the heart of the city, seeing the Chilean University, San Francisco Church and the Santa Lucia Hill, site of Santiago’s foundation in 1541.  Then you will visit the Plaza de Armas and the cathedral. Just around the corner, you will visit the Pre-Colombian Art Museum, one of the most complete collections of ceramics, ancient textiles, and relics of American culture (Mondays closed).  Very nearby is the famous Central Market, which is the main market for fish and seafood, an interesting building, dating back to the end of the 19th century: It is a metal construction, built in London and brought by ship to Chile.  Afterwards, you continue the tour by crossing the Mapocho River to reach the bohemian Bellavista district on the way to the San Cristóbal Hill.  From one of the hill’s viewpoints, you will have the finest views of Santiago and the Andes Mountains.   To round off the tour, you will pass through the modern residential areas of the city with their daring architecture and, finally, the bustling Providencia shopping zone.   Lunch at local restaurant and transfer to the hotel for check-in.    HOTEL ATTON EL BOSQUE or similar – 1 night.   (In-flight Meals, L)

DAY 3 – WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 17, 2018                             SANTIAGO – VALPARAISO, CHILE (EMBARKATION)
After breakfast at the hotel.  Transfer to Valparaiso pier visiting Valparaiso and Viña del Mar.  During this tour, you will be able to experience the hills of the old part of Valparaíso as well as the impressive downtown section and the resort of Viña del Mar.  The city of Valparaíso consists of two completely different sections. One of them is known as “El Plano”, referring to the lower part adjacent to the port area. Its main feature is the Plaza Sotomayor, dominated by the Naval Headquarters building and the impressive monument honouring the Heroes of Iquique.  This part of Valparaíso is the business centre, with fine office buildings on narrow streets strung along the edge of the bay.  The tour continues with a drive up the hillside, where we find the other section, “Los Cerros” or “El Plano Alto”.  Lunch will be served at local restaurant before embarking the EMERALD PRINCESS your home for the next 15 days.     (B,L,D)

DAY 4 – THURSDAY, JANUARY, 18, 2018                                CRUISE PACIFIC COAST                                  (B,L,D)

DAY 5 – FRIDAY, JANUARY 19, 2018                                         PUERTO MONTT, CHILE
Puerto Montt is your gateway to Chile’s magnificent Lake District. Here, snow-capped volcanoes gaze down on alpine valleys nestled among low hills. Glaciers carved out this terrain, leaving the jewel-like lakes in their wake. The Lake District was a magnet for German immigrants, and their legacy can be seen today in the manicured rose gardens of Puerto Varas, in Chile’s “German Villages” like Frutillar and in Puerto Montt’s gabled homes with elaborate balconies.  Despite a population of more than 130,000, Puerto Montt retains the feel of a small town. For a simple introduction to the city, walk along its waterfront road lined with tempting artisan’s stalls and small cafés.    (B,L,D)

DAY 6 – SATURDAY, JANUARY 20, 2018                                  CRUISE PACIFIC COAST                                  (B,L,D)

DAY 7 – SUNDAY, JANUARY 21, 2018                                      CRUISE AMALIA GLAICER                             (B,L,D)

DAY 8 – MONDAY, JANUARY 22, 2018                                    PUNTA ARENAS, CHILE
Punta Arenas lies atop rolling hills, looking out over the Strait of Magellan. In the days before the Panama Canal, this was a major port as ships plied the waters of Cape Horn. Punta Arenas remains a prosperous town today, thanks to its rich natural resources. The city is also the gateway to Chilean Patagonia, a maze of fjords, rivers, steppes, and mountains to the north. To the south lies the great frozen mass of Antarctica. Adventure awaits in any direction at this port located near the end of the earth. Across the Strait of Magellan lies Tierra del Fuego, the lonely, windswept island discovered by Magellan in 1520. The region was settled by Yugoslavian and English sheep ranchers in the 19th century

DAY 9 – TUESDAY, JANUARY 23, 2018                                     USHUAIA, ARGENTINA
Magellan called it Tierra del Fuego, “the Land of Fire,” having seen flames rising from the darkened islands.  For over three centuries, the name struck fear in the hearts of mariners. Howling headwinds, mountainous seas and rocky coastlines spelled a sudden end to many voyages. Today, Ushuaia, a former Argentine penal colony, serves as your gateway to this wilderness where snow-capped mountains plummet to the icy waters of the Beagle Channel.  (B,L,D)

DAY 10 – WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 24, 2018                           CRUISE BY CAPE HORN
Located on Chile’s Isla Hornos in the Tierra del Fuego archipelago, Cape Horn is widely considered to be the southernmost tip of South America. The culmination of the Andes mountain range, the legendary Cape is prone to unpredictably strong winds, choppy waters, icebergs, and rogue waves – none of which phase the Princess ships that sail here. Nevertheless, hazardous maritime conditions have protected the rocky region from human settlement, so you’ll enjoy the same views as the earliest explorers discovered centuries ago. Unusual rock formations with deep grooves and granite cliffs covered in trees are its signature features.  (B,L,D)

DAY 11 – THURSDAY, JANUARY 25, 2019                               STANLEY, FALKLAND ISLANDS, UNITED KINGDOM
Capital city Stanley lies on the windswept tip of East Falkland Island, long served as a way station for ships, particularly whalers, bound to and from Cape Horn. The islands’ rigorous environment is immediately apparent: Stanley Harbor is dotted with the hulks of vessels that succumbed to the fierce winds and waves of the South Atlantic.  While their strategic location led to important roles in both World Wars, the islands are best remembered as the cause of the 1982 war between Argentina and the United Kingdom. Today, travelers journey to the islands to view their rich assortment of bird and marine life.   (B,L,D)

DAY 12 – FRIDAY, JANUARY 26, 2018                                      CRUISE ATLANTIC OCEAN                                             (B,L,D)

DAY 13 – SATURDAY, JANUARY 27, 2018                               PUERTO MADRYN, ARGENTINA
Fleeing the economic devastation of England’s Industrial Revolution, Welsh settlers immigrated to Argentina in search of cheap land. Led by Viscount Madryn, one group of settlers sailed for Patagonia, founding the small city of Puerto Madryn in 1865. Life in Patagonia, however, was not easy.  There were lonely prairies, brutally cold winters, and unrelenting winds. Still the Welsh survived, and today visitors can still see their legacy in Puerto Madryn and its surrounding communities.  Puerto Madryn is your gateway to one of South America’s largest breeding grounds for birds and mammals – Tombo National Reserve.  Note: Temperatures fluctuate widely in Patagonia. Dress in warm layers, wear sturdy walking shoes or hiking boots and bring a waterproof jacket, hat, and bottled water.  Roads outside Puerto Madryn are bumpy and dusty.   (B,L,D)

DAY 14 – SUNDAY, JANUARY 28, 2018                                    CRUISE ATLANTIC OCEAN                                             (B,L,D)

DAY 15 – MONDAY, JANUARY 29, 2018                                  MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY
Nestled between the continent’s two giants, Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay is the second smallest country in South America.  More than half of the nation’s population of three million reside in the capital of Montevideo, located at Uruguay’s southernmost point on the Rio de la Plata.  Although small, Uruguay has proven to be big-hearted – the country is one of the most literate nations in the world while Montevideo is one of South America’s most interesting and cosmopolitan capitals.  Montevideo is a charming city made up of 19th-century Beaux Arts buildings, parks, and historical monuments.    (B,L,D)

DAY 16 – TUESDAY, JANUARY 30, 2018                                  BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA – (FULL DAY & OVERNIGHT STAY

Your, will spend a full day and overnight in Buenos Aires, while onboard the Emerald Princess in port.  You may wish to take an organized shore excursion off the ship outside the city to Fiesta Goucha.    (B,L,D)

DAY 17 – WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 31, 2018                           BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA
After breakfast, disembark the Emerald Princess. Pick up at the pier to enjoy a half-day city tour of Buenos Aires including Recoleta with lunch. The tour commences at the historic Plaza de Mayo square, well known for its numerous political demonstrations.  It is surrounded by the Government House, best known as the “Pink House”; the Cabildo (the old City Hall) and the Metropolitan Cathedral.  The “Avenida de Mayo”, which starts in this square, is an interesting set of buildings of varied styles that reflect the diversity of its inhabitants. Wide avenues and green areas appear constantly trying to slow down the rhythm of this vertiginous city.  A sample of this is the 9 de Julio Avenue, about 5 squares away from here, with its eight lanes divided by small green squares with old leafy trees and enriched by sculptures and fountains. In the middle of this avenue, in the “Plaza de la Republica”, the Obelisk arises as a symbol of the city.  The visit continues towards San Telmo, one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Buenos Aires, which was also a center for immigrant settlers and keeps most of its architectonic patrimony untouched: its colonial houses and cobbled streets. Southwards, we reach the picturesque and colourful port neighbourhood of La Boca with its famous street, “Caminito”, whose architectonic characteristics reflect the culture the European citizens that arrived to these shores at the end of the 19th century, mainly Genovese sailors.  The visit continues towards the newest district of Puerto Madero where we will enjoy a lunch at a typical steakhouse.  After lunch, we will be reaching the district of Recoleta, the most sophisticated neighbourhood in Buenos Aires.  The Recoleta Cemetery, surprises the visitors for its rich architecture and the important personalities of the social and political Argentinean life, amongst whom are Eva Perón, whose remains lie there.  After the visit check- in at your hotel.  After you will check-in to your hotel.  In the evening, we meet, again and enjoy a great dinner and tango show at Senor Tango.  The most outrageous of them all, Señor Tango is the closest you’ll get to a Las Vegas show in Buenos Aires.  With dozens of performers, live horses, this granddaddy of tango shows is an unforgettable experience.  HOTEL INTERCONTINENTAL or similar – 1 night.   (B,L,D)

DAY 18 – THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 2018                               BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA
Enjoy your breakfast at the hotel, with free time before your check out from your hotel and transfer to the airport for your homebound flight. (B, In-flight Meals)

DAY 19 – FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 2018                                       CANADA
Morning arrival back in Toronto.   (In-flight Meals)