Duration: December 5, 2018 - January 11, 2019


Athens, Greece to Delhi, India – 38 days
17 included tours in 5 countries with 12 nights hotel stays.  

3-night hotel stay in Athens – 3-night hotel stay in Cairo – 2-night hotel stay in Luxor – 1-night hotel stay in Mumbai
2-night hotel stay in Jaipur – 2-night hotel stay in Agra – 1-night hotel stay in Delhi

After three nights in Athens, arrive in Cairo for a two-night hotel stay to see the Great Pyramid of Khufu (Cheops), the Sphinx and the Egyptian Museum.  Explore the sites of Memphis and Sakkara, including the monumental statue of Ramesses II.  Travel to Aqaba for the breathtaking Treasury of Petra, then return to Egypt for the vast temple complex of Karnak and the Valley of the Kings in Luxor.  Celebrate Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve on board Aegean Odyssey as you sail to Salalah, famous for the production of frankincense, followed by the Sultan’s Palace in Muscat, Mumbai and Porbandar, birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi.  Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan in India’s “Golden Triangle”, has some of Asia’s best bazaars.  Delhi is divided between the old Moghul city and the British-built New Delhi, while Agra boasts the unparalleled beauty of the Taj Mahal.

Port Arrive Depart
05 Dec Wednesday Depart North America. 
06 Dec Thursday Athens, GREECE.  Fly to Athens and transfer to hotel.  Overnight Hotel 
07 Dec Friday Athens, Greece Choice of tours: Acropolis and its
Museum or Byzantine Athens.  
Overnight Hotel 
08 Dec Saturday Athens, GREECE.  Sightseeing in Mycenae and Epidaurus.  Overnight Hotel 
09 Dec Sunday Athens, GREECE.  Optional morning tour to the National Archaeological Museum or embark Aegean Odyssey in Piraeus.   7.00pm 
10 Dec Monday At sea Cruising the Mediterranean Sea 
11 Dec Tuesday At sea Cruising the Mediterranean Sea 
12 Dec Wednesday Suez Canal, EGYPT.  Daytime transit of Suez Canal.
13 Dec Thursday Cairo, EGYPT.  Disembark and drive to Cairo for afternoon sightseeing to the Egyptian Museum and hotel dinner and overnight stay.  Overnight Hotel 
14 Dec Friday Cairo, EGYPT.  Morning tour to discover the iconic Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx and free afternoon.  Enjoy dinner on the Nile.  Overnight Hotel 
15 Dec Saturday Cairo, EGYPT.  Morning sightseeing tour visiting Memphis and Sakkara sites.  Afternoon drive from Cairo to rejoin
Aegean Odyssey in Ain Sokhna. 
Overnight Hotel 
16 Dec Sunday Suez Canal, EGYPT.  Full day tour to St Anthony and
St Paul’s Monasteries.  
17 Dec Monday At sea Cruising the Red sea 
18 Dec Tuesday Aqaba, JORDAN.  Visit to the rose-red ancient city – Petra.   7.00am  Overnight 
19 Dec Wednesday Aqaba, JORDAN.  Take an optional tour to one of the most enchanting deserts in the world; Wadi Rum.   2.00pm 
20 Dec Thursday Safaga, EGYPT.  Disembark and drive to Luxor for afternoon sightseeing to Karnak and overnight hotel stay.  7.00am  Overnight Hotel 
21 Dec Friday Safaga, Egypt Visit the UNESCO Valley of the Kings.  Overnight Hotel 
22 Dec Saturday Safaga, EGYPT.  Morning drive from Luxor to Safaga
to rejoin Aegean Odyssey. 
23 Dec Sunday At sea Cruising the Red sea 
24 Dec Monday At sea Cruising the Red sea 
25 Dec Tuesday At sea Christmas Celebrations at sea 
26 Dec Wednesday At sea Cruising the Red sea 
27 Dec Thursday At sea Cruising the Red sea 
28 Dec Friday Salalah, OMAN.  Visit the town of Sumharam and the
Tomb of Job for a morning sightseeing tour. In the afternoon
take an optional tour to discover the Sultanate heritage.  
8.00am  10.00pm 
29 Dec Saturday At sea Cruising the Arabian sea 
30 Dec Sunday At sea Cruising the Arabian sea 
31 Dec Monday Muscat, OMAN.  A visit to the Sultan’s Palaca, and the famous
16-century Portuguese twin forts. Optional afternoon tour. 
8.00am  10.00pm 
01 Jan Tuesday At sea Cruising the Arabian sea 
02 Jan Wednesday At sea Cruising the Arabian sea 
03 Jan Thursday Porbandar, INDIA.  Sightseeing tour to Porbandar by tuk-tuk.  8.00am  8.00pm 
04 Jan Friday At sea Cruising the Arabian sea 
05 Jan Saturday Mumbai, INDIA.  Discover the highlights of Mumbai.  6.00am  Overnight Hotel 
06 Jan Sunday Jaipur, INDIA.  Disembark Aegean Odyssey and fly to Jaipur.  Overnight Hotel 
07 Jan Monday Jaipur, INDIA.  Take a jeep ride to the hill-top Amber Fort.  Overnight Hotel 
08 Jan Tuesday Agra, INDIA.  Drive from Jaipur via Fatehpur Sikri.  Overnight Hotel 
09 Jan Wednesday Agra, INDIA.  Visit Taj Mahal, and Agra fort.
Afternoon drive from Agra to Delhi 
Overnight Hotel 
10 Jan Thursday Delhi, INDIA.  Sightseeing city tour of Delhi.  Overnight Hotel 
11 Jan Friday Delhi, INDIA.  Transfer to Delhi Airport for flight home.     


SHORE EXCURSIONS – We include escorted sightseeing in virtually every port of call – where we don’t, it’s because we feel that your time ashore is best spent exploring on your own. You’ll be supplied with your individual QuietVox headset, a clever device through which you can hear the tour leader clearly even at the busiest sites, and at a distance. To keep you refreshed, we equip you with bottled water as you disembark for each day.

MANY OVERNIGHTS IN PORT – To ensure that our guests have ample time to experience the wonderful destinations we visit each cruise itinerary is designed with frequent evenings and extended stays in key ports of call.

ONBOARD LECTURE PROGRAMME – Selected for their expertise, our guest speakers will enlighten and entertain you throughout the cruise. Usually several experts are on board, each keen to share their knowledge with you. They also accompany you on shore excursions and some may make themselves available on board for a more informal discussion.

FULL BOARD AND WINE WITH DINNER – All meals are included on board, as well as afternoon tea and late-night snacks. We use fresh ingredients to create a variety of inspired menus.  Water is served with all meals, and wine – beer or soft drinks if preferred – are included with dinner.

GRATUITIES ON BOARD – All tips for cabin stewards and restaurant staff on board Aegean Odyssey are included in your rate. Of course, you are welcome to show your appreciation to individuals offering exceptional service.

“Odyssey Club” member’s loyalty savings available!
Book now and receive up to $700 US shipboard credit per cabin*

Cruise aboard the mv Aegean Odyssey with all your meals * Guided shore excursions * Onboard lecture program * Wine/beer or soft drinks with dinner *
Your onboard gratuities * Port taxes/fees * Deposit of 15% of total fare is required at time of booking.

  BALCONY Deck Brochure Fare Saver Fare
A Owner’s Suites Lido CA$ 24,950 CA$ 21,950
B Junior Suites Lido CA$ 22,995 CA$ 20,195
C Deluxe Balcony Bridge / Lido CA$ 20,850 CA$ 18,250
D Deluxe Balcony Belvedere CA$ 19,895 CA$ 17,395
  PREMIUM Deck Brochure Fare Saver Fare
E Deluxe Outside Belvedere CA$ 18,295 CA$ 15,995
F Deluxe Outside Belvedere / Bridge / Lido CA$ 17,695 CA$ 15,495
G Premium Outside Bridge / Lido CA$ 16,695 CA$ 14,695
H Premium Outside Belvedere / Columbus CA$ 15,850 CA$ 13,850
I* Premium Outside Bridge CA$ 14,995 CA$ 13,095
J Standard Outside Columbus CA$ 14,250 CA$ 12,450
K Premium Inside Belvedere CA$ 13,395 CA$ 11,695
L Premium Inside Columbus CA$ 12,695 CA$ 10,995
M Standard Inside Belvedere / Columbus CA$ 11,995 CA$ 10,395
  SINGLE CABINS Deck Brochure Fare Saver Fare
CC Deluxe Balcony Lido CA$ 24,950 CA$ 22,350
EE Deluxe Outside Belvedere CA$ 21,995 CA$ 19,695
GG* Premium Outside Bridge / Lido CA$ 20,195 CA$ 18,195
HH* Premium Outside Belvedere / Bridge CA$ 19,250 CA$ 17,250
II* Premium Outside Bridge CA$ 18,395 CA$ 16,495
JJ Standard Outside Columbus CA$ 17,450 CA$ 15,750
KK Premium Inside Belvedere CA$ 16,550 CA$ 14,850
LL Premium Inside Columbus CA$ 15,750 CA$ 14,150
MM Standard Inside Belvedere CA$ 14,995 CA$ 13,395

Sample economy airfare add-ons*For guests using Voyages to Antiquity’s air program, flights may depart one day earlier due to air schedules.

TORONTO / MONTREAL     $995                                OTTAWA   $1,095                   VANCOUVER  $1,195

Saver fares are limited in availability and can be removed/changed by VTA at any time.
(*) Indicates partially obstructed cabins

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