Duration: April 16, 2018 - April 28, 2018


13 Day cruise aboard NORWEGIAN JEWEL
Shanghai to Tokyo

April 16 – 28, 2018

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Explore fascinating cities along the coast of China and Japan. Before you depart, be sure to take a stroll along the world-famous Bund, a waterfront aptly called the “Museum of International Architecture.” In Beijing, don’t miss the magnificent Forbidden City, featuring the largest palace complex in the world, as well as the infamous Tiananmen Square. While in Dalian, head to Tiger Beach, Jinshitan Beach or Fujiazhuang Beach, some of the best in China. The gorgeous Nunobiki Falls near Kobe are yours to discover, and so are the beautiful pine groves of Miho close to Shimizu. And when you arrive in Tokyo, leave time to explore this incredible city that combines neon skyscrapers and city bustle with tranquil gardens and temples.

Day 1              Shanghai, CHINA                    Embark            5:00 pm
Day 2               At Sea                                      —                     —
Day 3               Beijing, CHINA                        7:00 am           Overnight
Day 4               Beijing, CHINA                        —                    4:00 pm
Day 5               Dalian, CHINA                         7:00 am           4:00 pm
Day 6               At Sea                                      —                     —
Day 7              Sakaiminato, JAPAN              8:00 am           4:00 pm
Day 8               Nagasaki, JAPAN                   8:00 am           6:00 pm
Day 9               Miyazaki, JAPAN                    8:00 am           5:00 pm
Day 10             Kochi, JAPAN                         8:00 am           5:00 pm
Day 11             Kobe, JAPAN                          6:00 am           6:00 pm
Day 12             Shimizu, JAPAN                     10:00 am         7:00 pm
Day 13             Tokyo/Yokohama, JAPAN      Disembark     


DOUBLE Occupancy Fares In CA$:                                                             SINGLE Occupancy Fares In CA$:
INSIDE – Category IB                       $2,895                                                   INSIDE – Category IB                       $5,395  
OUTSIDE – Category OB                 $3,895                                                   OUTSIDE – Category OB                 $7,395
BALCONY – Category BB                $4,895                                                   BALCONY – Category BB                $9,395
BALCONY – Category BA                $5,095

Final balance is due by JANUARY 10, 2018.

13-Day cruise with all your meals, activities & entertainment.  All your port taxes and government fees.
“Unlimited Beverage Package” with prepaid service charges & prepaid shipboard gratuities.

Please Note: Cost of airfare and transfers will be quoted at time of booking
when available with NCL as well as any optional hotel stays with your cruise.

SHANGHAI, CHINA – As China’s largest and most prosperous city, Shanghai is an international metropolis that draws travellers from around the world. Stroll past city sculptures along the Bund – a famous waterfront situated along the Huangpu River that’s nicknamed a “Museum of International Architecture” because of impressive buildings lining the street. To view a classic Chinese garden in the city, the Yu Gardens are a must see. Shanghai’s bustling markets are ideal for browsing for a wide range of local goods. This fast-paced, ever-evolving city offers an abundance of attractions and activities and is continuously offering new ways to enjoy Shanghai.

BEIJING (TIANJIN), CHINA – Beijing is home to the amazing Forbidden City and infamous Tiananmen Square. Visit the beautiful Temple of Heaven, where the emperor annually celebrated the harvest, and walk on the centuries-old Great Wall of China. Or venture to Xian and see the great terra cotta warriors.

DALIAN, CHINA – Head to Tiger Beach, Jinshitan Beach or Fujiazhuang Beach, some of the best in China, and then stroll through Xinghai Square, built in 1998 to honour the city’s centennial. Visit the Lushun Museum and see its extensive collection of mummies, or take a scenic drive on Binhai Road. Dalian is known as “Fashion City” – hit Tianjin Walking Street for European designer boutiques and then the Qingniwan area for mementos such as carved shells. Also try sea cucumber, abalone, scallops, prawns, mussels and oysters at one of the seaside cafés on the beach and an apple dessert made from the local harvest.

NAGASAKI, JAPAN – Nagasaki is often equated with the dropping of the atomic bomb, and there are many moving museums, memorials and monuments dedicated to its World War II history that shouldn’t be missed. Yet modern Nagasaki offers a vibrant and charming atmosphere that’s waiting to be explored. Among its cobblestone and rolling hills, the city boasts a rich culinary scene that will excite your inner foodie. To capture Nagasaki’s scenic beauty, consider a cable car ride or harbour tour. Centuries-old shrines, temples and churches dot the landscape and are a must see.

MIYAZAKI (ABURATSU), JAPAN – Surf, sand and historic shrines define Miyazaki, a popular resort town with scenic views and notable monuments. Venture out to the Miyazaki Shrine, which was established over 2600 years ago as a dedication to Japan’s first emperor Jinmu, and sits in the middle of a vast forest filled with magnificent wisteria trees. Heiwadai Park, or Peace Tower Park, is another distinguished landmark, believed to be the original site of Jinmu’s capital. The Peace Tower positioned inside the park is constructed of stones sent from all across Asia, while Haniwa Garden holds 400 clay burial statues. Head to the SeaGaia region for entertainment such as the Phoenix Zoo, natural Onsen hot springs and beaches with world-class surfing.

KOCHI, JAPAN – Engage with locals and indulge in local flavours in this welcoming city, known for its famed dish Katsuo no tataki (a type of tuna Tataki). The city centre was initially settled in 1601 as a town surrounding Kochi Castle, which is now one of the region’s principal attractions. Delve into times gone by as you stroll along the famed, red Harimaya-bashi – the basis for an old local folklore song. Discover the lovely Katsurahama beach area, where the Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial overlooks the sea and honours this legendary Japanese peace negotiator.

KOBE, JAPAN – Situated between mountains and the sea, Kobe is Japan’s sixth-largest city and a port bustling with culture and fine cuisine. Named after its origin, famous Kobe beef is one of the delicacies to enjoy at the many gourmet restaurants. Don’t miss the chance to visit Ikuta Shrine – one of Japan’s oldest Shinto shrines – or tour a museum to learn about local culture. For sweeping views of the vibrant city, explore one of the nearby mountainsides through a diverse selection of activities.

SHIMIZU, JAPAN – In the shadow of Mount Fuji, Shimizu is one of the most beautiful ports in Japan. Walk through the pine groves of Miho, home to a 650-year-old Japanese black pine, or enjoy spectacular views of Mount Fuji from the lush, forested hill of Nihondaira. Take in the seascapes on a bay cruise, or learn of undersea delights at Japan’s first sushi museum, and get a glimpse at feudal life in Japan in 200 BC at the archaeological site of Toro. Shop for traditional Japanese wooden handcrafts and fabrics unique to the region, and sample some yokan, a sweet jellied confection.

TOKYO (YOKOHAMA), JAPAN – Once a sleepy fishing village, Yokohama is now one of Japan’s largest ports and your gateway to Tokyo.  Ancient traditions and historic sites blend into modern culture, crafting a city unlike anywhere else.  In Tokyo, you can walk among both neon-glowing skyscrapers and regal temples.  Browse stores showcasing the latest advances in technology or retreat to one of the tranquil gardens surrounding the Imperial Palace.  Savour traditional cuisine at a Michelin-starred restaurant and witness the centuries-old sport of sumo wrestling.  This cosmopolitan hub offers a vast selection of attractions and activities and a wealth of culturally and historic sites.  Whether this is your first or fifth visit to the city, Tokyo will captivate your imagination.